Favoritebands: GUNS N\' ROSES, Slash\'s Snakepit, Dark Rivers, Dark Heaven, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Skid Row, Van Halen, Kiss, Whitesnake...!
Favoritesongs: Madagascar, Just Another Sunday, D\'yer Mak\'er, The Battle Of Evermore, The Alien, Serial Killer, Darkness, Sumthin\' 4 Nuthin\', Prechin\' N\' Screechin\', Living Loud, Silkworms, Welcome To The Jungle, Chinese Democracy, The Blues, Stairway To Heaven, Why Can\'t This Be Love, Good Enough, Rock N\' Roll At Night, Theme From The Godfather (only Slash auf seiner Les Paul spielend mit blo?em Oberk?rper), Nighrain, It\'s So Easy, Estranged, November rain, Coma, Mr Brownstone...
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